Mobile Web

Approximately 55% of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. As of April 2015, Google began downgrading sites that were not optimized for mobile users. To meet Google's criteria, your main website must be either built using responsive design techniques, or redirect users to a separate, mobile-optimized site.

STLi builds in Bootstrap, the world's most popular responsive design framework. A responsive web site does not feature a single design, but rather a layout that remains fluid as page elements resize, reposition, and wrap according to the user's screen size. Our development process includes extensive testing on different browsers, devices and operating systems.

For dedicated mobile websites and web applications, we take advantage of JQuery Mobile, another popular open-source framework. The single column layout, large buttons and touch-optimized form inputs are especially user-friendly for smartphone and tablet users.

Behind these simple to use interfaces, our powerful server-side code is collecting and delivering real-time data. We also take advantage of exclusive mobile features, such as using GPS to pinpoint a user's location, or allowing them to upload a photo from their phone's camera.

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